I love to read. One of my fondest memories from being a kid was my grade school membership in a book club and the anticipation I had in waiting for the next novel or two or four that would arrive each month.


My parents never put limits on our reading. We had no library nearby so the policy in my family became if you wanted a book, we would buy it in our local bookshop or send away for it. And yes, there was no Amazon back then.


Much later in life, I found that I enjoyed writing every bit as much as reading. I like the creativity of adding meaning to what was otherwise a blank page. Because of my day job, I do not always have the opportunity to pursue my joy in writing, but I have managed to weave it into my personal and professional life whenever possible.

Lean Business Planning

September 10, 2015

Lean Business redefines the business plan. From being a static document used for financing purposes alone the business plan becomes a dynamic tool covering all elements needed within lean business development.

The Christmas


Available for pre-order on October 1st, 2020

A heartwarming true holiday story about a young assistant lighthouse keeper and one of the most bizarre shipwrecks in American History. 

About Me

Mark Robinson is a father, a traveler, an entrepreneur and an author whose work takes him around the world and off the beaten path. He takes frequent trips with his family and whenever his work allows, he tries to sneak in an adventure or two.


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