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Our Favorite Thai In Portland

Updated: Apr 12, 2018

E-San Thai Cuisine is a family owned restaurant that really focuses on making everyone happy when they come in. Our visit to this restaurant was our second and our experience was completely consistent. Great food, a flexible menu and a genuinely fun restaurant to linger in.

When we entered E-San, the hostess, who asked if we had any preference about where we would like to be seated, immediately greeted us. The restaurant was packed with only two available tables but it is nice to be asked. We grabbed a table by the window. Truth be told, the restaurant has an amazing upstairs area which if you have the option, have yourself seated up there. It is has a secluded vibe to the space and you will enjoy it being more quiet, in what is a very busy and noisy restaurant.

But…for this visit, we were on the first floor by the window. The building is one of the oldest in the city; a red brick affair with a strong “Portland” feel to it. If you like turn of the century red-brick buildings, you will enjoy the atmosphere.

Both my son and I ordered the same dish, which we have had before; pork pad see ew. It is a rice noodle dish with broccoli, eggs and a really great sauce. It is one of my favorite Thai dishes.

It was delivered to our table about 15 minutes later piping hot. I regret not having my phone handy to take a picture of my son who was smiling for the majority of the meal. We both really enjoyed our lunch. I think that the best review I can think of came from my son; “I cannot imagine coming to Portland and not eating here!”

This should be part of anyone’s visit to Portland.

E-San Thai Cuisine

133 SW 2nd Ave, Portland, OR 97204

(503) 223-4090

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