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Why I Invested In Captario

I am at best, an infrequent investor. On occasion, I see a company that addresses a real problem with the potential to provide solid change and improvements. Captario in my view is one of those companies with potential.

“Captario allows the frama industry to assess the risks surrounding their decisions and maximize their returns on the millions they spend on drug development.”

The multi-billion dollar drug industry brings to market scores of new products each year. The research that goes into these medicines involve cutting edge technology that is often implemented across the globe.

Ironically, the tools that the drug industry uses to assess the risks and opportunities within drug trials are anything but cutting edge. Most drug companies today use a combination of Microsoft Word and Excel to assess decisions in an effort to lower development risk and maximize their returns.

Enter Captario. Captario provides the drug companies with a 3-dimensional view of risk, not only for individual drug development efforts, but for their entire portfolio. Rather than focusing on individual decisions, drug companies and more importantly, their individual teams, can look at the likely outcome for scores of decisions simultaneously, and then determine the best path to maximize their return.

With no other alternatives on the market, Captario is a highly disruptive approach to assessing the path that drug and drug portfolios can take on their way to market.

What I found even more attractive is that the same methodology could be applied to other industries. In a trial with the Swedish Government, Captario was successfully used to assess various options in a transportation project, and make a concrete recommendation as to how the project should be approached.

Across industries, the companies and organizations that use Captario have saved millions (moving quickly to billions) of dollars, and avoided difficult problems that would have had a dire impact on the outcome of numerous projects.

This and their small, likeable team compelled me to invest in Captario.

To learn more about the company, product and the team, go to

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